I recently interviewed author, Luke Brown.Luke Brown

Q: Tell us about your experience as a bestselling author?

Luke Brown: Thanks for the opportunity to share myself as a unique author. Technically, I don’t consider myself as a bestselling author in the true sense of the term, but I hope to be one officially in a few days. I strive to be unique and go where no other writer has ever gone. As a matter of fact, I truly consider myself to be an inventor first and a writer next. Therefore writing, to me, is just another tool of invention that I use to expand the borders and boundaries of creative fiction. I do this by trying to please everyone by attempting to cover all major genres with one story (The Non-Silence of the LAMB), two at most (TWISTED FATE).

Q: Can you give us any spoilers for your upcoming releases?

Luke Brown: Any spoilers for upcoming releases? We are currently working on our third version of TWISTED FATE. It’s called, Connectivity. We have rearranged the story so it may have a more dramatic beginning and ending. However, it is the same story as TWISTED FATE but it is more politically correct, so to speak. I am currently testing a rough sample of it in the Kindle store. I hope to get some valuable feedback at which time, I will make it available in its paperback form, hopefully in a few weeks. Official release date is set to be in mid-March.

Q: What advice might you give beginning writers especially for those interested in writing in your specific genre/genres?

Luke Brown: Be yourself. Be true to who you are as a person and your writing will be unique. Don’t try to be anyone else. In a very competitive market, your true uniqueness is what makes the difference.

Q: Tell us about your experience with marketing books. What works and what doesn’t?

Luke Brown:

My experience with marketing my books. My real uniqueness is my ability to be non-genre specific. I use one story, two at worst, to cover many different genres. I now learn, regrettably, why no one else attempts this seemingly impossible task. I would not recommend it to new authors who are concerned about a small marketing budget. It can be a very challenging and expensive venture, especially when it comes to marketing. In my case, I have to spread myself out wide in order to meet the difficult demands in pleasing everyone. For example, I myself, cover the more racy general adult market. Berthalicia covers the Latin, children, and religious market. Patecia covers the African American market and Janet covers the white British American romance market.

Thanks for your time. My three main sites are;,




  1. An interview to remember. I enjoyed the opportunity you gave me to spread some light on the method of my madness. It is a good feeling to know that people do like my work and they understand my very unique attempt to please everyone with two inspiring stories. On Monday our book, Connectivity, was officially released. It had a record-breaking free downloads on Amazon, landing it well into the top 100 Amazon Best Selling Books. Thanks to all who made it happened. One Love.

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