I recently interviewed an AALBC Bestseller, Martha Kennerson.

Q: Tell us about your experience as a bestselling author?

Martha Kennerson:

Finding out that my book Consequences had received this honor was very exciting. It motivated me to ensure that I bring nothing but my best work forward.
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Q: Can you give us any spoilers for your upcoming Protecting the Heiress?
Martha Kennerson: I’ll say this, our hero, Meeks Montgomery is a sexy Alpha male that can be a bit arrogant but he adores Francine. He makes a purchase that’s so sweet that it touches Francine’s heart; hopefully, it’ll touch yours too.
Q: What advice might you give beginning writers especially for those interested in writing in your specific genre/genres?
Martha Kennerson: Read as much as you can in your genre/genres of choice. Learn what the readers are expecting and write every day. I’ve been a Harlequin fan for years and having the opportunity to write for them is a dream come true.
Q: Tell us about your experience with marketing books. What works and what doesn’t?
Martha Kennerson: I enjoy personally marketing my books because no one can tell my story like I can. I especially love getting out meeting and interacting with readers. Making myself available to people that support my work; either through social media, book club meetings, print or radio interviews, is critical to my success.
Thank you, Martha, for such a lovely interview!


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