I recently interviewed a Bestseller, MC Raj.

Q: Tell us about your experience as a bestselling author?

MC Raj: It has been an exciting journey. My hands are generally full with a lot of human rights activities and campaigns. However, I have always liked to write. Took a long time to begin to write fictions. When I did, it was an exhilarating experience. I write for the pleasure of writing without bothering much about the market. However, am happy that two of my novels became bestsellers.

Q: Can you give us any spoilers for your upcoming releases?

MC Raj: It fills me with a sense of achievement. I like the feeling. Madderakka releases Feb. 24th. ‘A Romantic Journey through Cultures.’ The Crossbow Code with the Publishers – Second Coming with Two Muslim Wives and the third one also with Publishers-The Optogenetic War – ‘Genetic Control of Human Beings for World Peace’.

Q: What advice might you give beginning writers especially for those interested in writing in your specific genre/genres?

MC Raj: I do not like to give advice to anyone in the world.

Q: Tell us about your experience with marketing books. What works and what doesn’t?

MC Raj: For marketing I start with writing emails to all my friends giving them the purchase links, I use Facebook extensively also advertising in it. I also buy twitter space from professional outfits. I buy advertising space in some American book promoters; I also send my books for professional review in the US and in India. I organize release events in Bangalore. These are just common methods. I can do a lot more if writing were my major profession. It is not. It is my hobby and remains so till now.


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