I recently interviewed author – Tracy Gilmore 

Michele Wallerstein’s book “Mind Your Business” calls the reader to interview at least 5 successful writers. Prompted questions are:

Q: What decisions helped your career?

TRACY GILMORE: Learning to be patient is one….I was often in a rush to put out a book even if it was my best effort there were key elements missing. Listening and using the advice given to me would be second and listening to myself would be third.

Q: What decisions hurt your career?

TRACY GILMORE: Not being prepared…not acquiring a following.

Q: What were the turning points in your career?

TRACY GILMORE: Turning point…..I’m still on the road….no turn yet….if it is…..its a slow turn.

Q: What were your best/worst agent/publisher experiences?

TRACY GILMORE: Worst published experience…falling for the fact that the publishing company would take my book to the top when I am the one that will get it there. Best experience…self publishing.

Tracy, Thank you for your time and consideration. Stephanie


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