I recently interviewed author – JACQUELINE THOMAS

Michele Wallerstein’s book “Mind Your Business” calls the reader to interview at least 5 successful writers. Prompted questions are:

Q: What decisions helped your career?

JACQUELINE THOMAS: When I began writing poetry and plays, I did it because I was able to put my thoughts and feelings down on paper. It was almost like I excommunicated myself from my feelings. I gave it a different life…one that serves to bring me closer to peace!

Q: What decisions hurt your career?

JACQUELINE THOMAS: Not continuing to write poetry after winning an award or two and having my poems published in anthologies, caused my writing career to suffer. Life interrupted my writing.

Q: What were the turning points in your career?

JACQUELINE THOMAS: Winning two awards for my poetry helped me to see my work in a different light. I wanted to expand on my ideas and started experimenting with plays and screenplays (since I love film and television so much). I am hoping to delve further in writing, producing and directing for film. I am working on several treatments right now and after the ideas have been fleshed out I will take a harder look at which script I would like to work with first. I may even open my own production company so that I can assist other filmmakers achieve their dreams also.

Q: What were your best/worst agent/publisher experiences?

JACQUELINE THOMAS:  I have not had any agent or publishing experiences as of yet because I have handled my own work. Maybe by the end of the year I will be searching for an agent and/or publisher. Who knows! 🙂

Thank you, Jacqueline, for such a lovely interview!


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