I recently interviewed author – SHERRY ROBINSON (Upcoming release = “Targeted 2” and currently working on newest novel “Sins Of The Cloth”.

Please contact her at

Michele Wallerstein’s book “Mind Your Business” calls the reader to interview at least 5 successful writers. Prompted questions are:

Q: What decisions helped your career?

SHERRY ROBINSON: What decisions helped my career was that I had finally found someone that was able to help me self-publish my first novel.

Q: What decisions hurt your career?

SHERRY ROBINSON: What Decisions hurt my career was when I did publish my first book which is “Damaged Beyond Repair” it was a bio about my life when I had finished publishing it and my sister thought I shouldn’t have published it, but it wasn’t meant to hurt, harm, or even convict anyone it was all about having closure for what I went through in my life…..So I started questioning myself should I had revealed my secrets….

Q: What were the turning points in your career?

SHERRY ROBINSON: The turning point in my career is the joy I got when I got a copy of my first published book. That’s when I knew I was on my way to becoming a published novelist which was followed up by my second novel “Targeted”, and I also recently did a book signing….

Q: What were your best/worst agent/publisher experiences?

SHERRY ROBINSON:  The best/worst agent/publisher experience is when I first started researching different publishing companies that I could send my manuscript to and most of them didn’t take unsolicited manuscripts and the other ones wanted to charge you an arm or leg to help you get your book published…Then I was introduced to Nakeysha Moore who was starting up her own publishing company Diva Vs Boss Publishing that is who I am published under and she has been my rock through all of this…

Tidbits are that I am a native Chicagoan the mother of two, and the grandmother of six. I love spending time and playing with my grandchildren. I started writing when I was in high school. My love of reading and my constant writing is what inspired me to become a writer. I love writing and if I never make a dime from it I am doing something I love.

Thank you, Sherry, for such a lovely interview!


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